Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Started Running!

So it was such a nice day out today that I had to try out my new Asics shoes, so I went for a run. It was around 49 degrees Fahrenheit, which was a little colder than I would've preferred, but I did it anyway.

So I got my sweatshirt on only to take it off a few minutes later after I went outside. I only ran for about 10 full minutes...maybe 15 and walked for about 8? It felt good to run since I haven't done it in so long. I've been so dependent on my bike for aerobic exercise that I neglected my own two feet for too long.

 I must get ready for the Run for Your Lives Zombie 5K event that I'm doing in October with Tom and Mark. Once it gets even warmer out I will be running a lot more often! Then my legs will not be in pain anymore!

Me and my Green Asics have your number zombies!